Beat the Machine Rebootedの攻略情報まとめ


Beat the Machine Rebootedの攻略情報まとめ



Game Description:
Beat the Machine: Rebooted is a top down retro roguelike arcade shooter where you must defeat the virus T.O.M (Totally Overpowered Machine) that is invading Sector VIII. Play as Damon, the cocky cadet, willing to aid Sector VIII from total destruction. Guided by Logan, Syncopia and Pete, natives of Sector VIII, traverse across 25 levels corrupted by T.O.M’s virus brigade.

The story takes place inside of the Origin Sectors, a fictitious world inside of a computer, with each sector acting as its own motherboard. T.O.M, the main antagonist, wishes to gain control of each sector in an attempt to make a supercomputer from all the Origin Sectors' computer components. Sector VIII is the last surviving sector and the smallest of all 11 sectors. Damon, the protagonist, is the last hope of saving the sectors and restoring the Origin Sectors to what it once was. You must stop T.O.M before he gains world domination.

Levels and Objectives:
Each level has their own unique objectives. Come up with new strategies to find the best or fastest way to clear each level. The game also features 9 unique enemy types with varying levels of difficulty, along with 5 unique bosses. Although there are not checkpoints in any level, your progress is saved after reaching the end zone of each level. Dodge your way through hazardous zones and Wave Dash your way in landing that killing blow on that pesky enemy.

Skill Tree:
Choose your way to play with over 70 unique skills and a variety of combinations. Choose to upgrade stats like rate of fire, damage, armor and more. Take down crowds of enemies with Time Capsule’s area of effect slowing power and damage over time. Maneuver your way through levels with Wave Dash, a repositioning dash ability. Liking Wave Dash? Upgrade it to afflict damage on each enemy you travel through. Blast enemies away with Pulse Blast and cause them to spin out with Nano-Tornado. Is straight-up damage your forte? Try using Engine Burst to deal massive damage in a huge explosion around the XV9 ship. Want to lower your cooldowns? We got skills for that too! Looking for a visual upgrade? Customize your ship with a selection of 12+ paint colors, each of the paint colors is unlocked by completing achievements.

Beat the Machine: Rebooted was designed to be a game that has a ramping difficulty. The game also features 3 difficulties: Casual, Advanced and Nightmare. Casual allows for unlimited skill resets, Advanced mode allows for 0 resets and Nightmare reduces the total amount of skills you can take. Beat the Machine: Rebooted brings the right amount of frustration and the perfect amount of opportunity to improve your play as you defeat the evil creations of T.O.M.

Rogue Mode:
Our infinite mode! T.O.M has hacked the augment installation system, the skill tree is no longer functional in this mode. Choose from random skills and their prototype versions in a mission to restore the system back to as normal as possible. Set sail across random Beat the Machine: Rebooted levels and choose your ship of choice to take down T.O.M. Find and discover cool, crazy, wacky and downright overpowered combinations with the prototypes, mods and skills found. Good luck cadet.

Survival Mode:
BTMR: also features an endless survival mode, in which you try to survive as long as possible without taking lethal damage. Survival features the fan favorite skills to unlock. Earn credits for shooting enemies and spend credits to buy upgrades for the XV9 ship.

Controller Support:
To experience the fullest potential, we recommend a controller to play. Use your favorite controller to take down enemies. Need to drop Time Capsule or Automated XV9-Bot in the right place? Use our unique targeting indicator system to drop the ability in the place of your choice with a controller, or just aim your cursor if you decided that keyboard and mouse was the right option for you.

タイトル Beat the Machine Rebooted
ジャンル アクション & アドベンチャー
メーカー Sanguine Studios




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